The SURVIVAL Art Review is a festival of contemporary art organised by the Art Transparent Foundation in Wrocław since 2003. It takes place outside exhibition institutions, often in abandoned and inaccessible places, sometimes in public buildings or open spaces. The history of the venue determines the nature of the intervention by inspiring the themes taken up by the artists and the way in which the works are presented. Each year SURVIVAL co-funds and produces dozens of brand new artistic works. An important part of the Review is its rich Public Forum programme.

Our aim is to bring issues raised by young contemporary art into the public debate. During SURVIVAL, art created outside of institutions clashes with a reality annexed by advertising, the economy and current politics. For this reason, the invited artists address fundamental issues that focus reflection on the post-1989 transformation not only in Wrocław, but in many Polish cities, such as neoliberal management, the treatment of architectural and urban heritage, or concepts of public space.

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