Important practical information | SURVIVAL 19

We give you a handful of useful information about how to get to the 19th SURVIVAL Art Review, what to expect on site and how to prepare:


This year’s location is the Boiler Room in the building of the former Pafawag State Wagon Factory, which used to be one of the largest machinery and rolling stock factories in Europe, and which is currently being transformed into a service and residential part of the city.


Public transport (bus stop: Integracyjny Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości):

  • buses: 106, 107, 109, 132, 142, 148, 149, 206, 249, 609

You can get from the bus stop to the Boiler House by two parallel routes:


  • opening hours:

25.06 (Friday) 12.00–24.00

26.09 (Saturday) 12.00-24.00

27.09 (Sunday) 12.00-24.00

28.09 (Monday) 12.00-22.00

29.09 (Tuesday) 12.00-22.00

🟠 ATTENTION! The last visitors to the Review will be admitted to the exhibition one hour before the closing time. Please leave the space of the exhibition a quarter of an hour before the closing time.

  • Due to the limitations resulting from the need to ensure the safety of visitors and employees of the Review, we would like to inform you that queues may form at the entrance to the SURVIVAL premises or exhibition rooms. Please be patient and show understanding. 🟠 ATTENTION! If you are planning to participate in one of the accompanying events [tours, performances, historical walk, etc.], please make sure to be at the Meeting Point (car park opposite the entrance to the Review area) at least 20 minutes in advance.
  • In the case of all events accompanying the main exhibition, such as curator-led tours, walks, discussion panels and performances, registration is required via the website Registration is open until the end of the Review or until all the available places have been booked. The availability of places is updated on the website, in the information section about the programme of the Review and registration. ATTENTION! You do not need to register to visit the main exhibition.
  • Inside – on all three floors of the building – you need to wear a helmet at all times (the helmets are disinfected after each tour).
  • Please mind the low ceilings and uneven floors – we recommend wearing comfortable sports shoes and baby carriers instead of prams.
  • Only dogs on a leash may be brought on the premises of ​​the Review.
  • After dark, the road is only partially lit – it is a good idea to have an additional light source with you (such as a flashlight in the phone) and move in groups.
  • In the event of storms or heavy rainfall, to ensure the safety of all participants, artistic works and technical equipment, we may need to temporarily shut down the exhibition (or part of it).

🟠 ATTENTION! If you have a fever or feel weak, stay home. Let’s take care of each other’s health!

  • A paper version of the programme of the Review, with a map and information about the 19th SURVIVAL Art Review, is available at the Information Point.
  • There is a Festival Club on the premises of ​​the Review, where you can rest, eat and have a drink.
  • The building of the WSB University at ul. Fabryczna (adjacent to the Boiler Room – the location of this year’s Review) is the venue for discussion panels of the Public Forum (Forum for Dialogue), meeting with the Torypress publishing house and historian Iwona Kałuż. They will be held in room 302 on the third floor.
  • During the Review, we encourage you to vote for the most interesting artistic work. After visiting the exhibition, please fill in the competition form available at the Review Information Point. Votes for the Audience Award can be cast at the exit from the exhibition. The financial award (PLN 5,000) is founded by Podwale 61 Projekt sp. z o.o.
  • In front of the Review area, there is a car park and bicycle stands
  • If you have any questions, you can always contact the staff or volunteers