20! Jubilee publication

Read online a special publication created to celebrate the 20th birthday of the SURVIVAL Art Review.

This book accompanies the twentieth jubilee edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review in Wrocław – currently the largest and oldest continuously functioning festival of art in public space in Poland. It is therefore no coincidence that it consists of exactly twenty interviews that shed light on the history of the review, and thus on the history of art in the public space of Poland in recent decades in general.


In her conversations with the voivode, university rectors, curators, artists, heads of various institutions, a producer, an assembler, activists and volunteers, Beata Kwiatkowska, a radio journalist and sound artist, asks about strategies of presenting art outside traditional exhibition institutions, but also about various reactions to it and very subjective perspectives.

What these interviews highlight is the scale and complexity of the negotiation processes necessary for an event like that to occur at all. Therefore, this book is perhaps the first step in creating a compendium that might prove useful in planning similar activities in the future.

publisher of the catalogue
Art Transparent Fundacja Sztuki Współczesnej
ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/2, 50-069 Wrocław
Michał Bieniek
author of the interviews
Beata Kwiatkowska
Anna Gądek
Karol Waniek
Joanna Jopkiewicz, Grupa Projektor
Archiwum Fundacji ART TRANSPARENT
Paweł Rogowski, Karolina Bieniek
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Sunday, 26 June 2022, 1:00 p.m. (Festival Club)

This year, the SURVIVAL Art Review is celebrating its 20th anniversary of existence. Its subsequent editions make up a map of places where we have presented site-specific works of art. Most of them were ephemeral, but they are still remembered by the festival audience.  On this special occasion, let us go back in time and reminisce.  During the meeting, 20 questions will be asked to the artists, but also to the founders and collaborators of the Review, which will become the starting point for a free conversation.  The meeting will be moderated by Beata Kwiatkowska, journalist of Radio 357, author of reportages and radio dramas (also presented during SURVIVAL).

The meeting will be accompanied by the premiere of the e-publication 20! – a collection of interviews connected with the history of the SURVIVAL Art Review.