Debate: Time to Panic

in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum

TOPIC 💭 Time to Panic | 21.10 | 18:00


🎤 Christine Schörkhuber, Markus Hiesleitner, Franz Tišek, Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz

The debate is organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum, referring to the place of culture in relation to the ongoing climate change. Conversation with Austrian visual artists: Christine Schörkhuber, Markus Hiesleitner and Franz Tišek, moderated by Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz

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Markus Hiesleitner (b. 1981 in Amstetten) lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria. In 2003–2008, he studied under Prof. Monica Bonvicini at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Chair of Sculpture and Performative Art. In his conceptual sculptures, installations and videos, which are often characterised as “ecopolitical,” Hiesleitner examines the political, social and economic mechanisms of everyday reality. His primary focus is on living “organic sculptures” – works that are critical of markets and consumption, on the examination of architecture and time (and thus decay and progress), and on the relationship between art and the public, which is at the centre of his ongoing project entitled “Kulturdrogerie” (meaning “cultural drugstore”), an artspace in Vienna that Hiesleitner has been running with artist Franz Tišek for over fifteen years.

Christine Schörkhuber studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, first Painting under Franz Graf, later Video/Video Installation under Dorit Margreiter, graduating with distinction in 2008. She is a sound- and media artist, video maker and musician, active primarily in Vienna but also in the international context. She creates large sound installations in public space as well as videos, musical compositions and silent/noise performances. She is interested in close listening at the intersection of audio and visual arts, and the dynamics of relations and systems on individual, sociopolitical and technological level. As a solo musician, she performs under the name Canned Fit and has released several albums. She is also active as a curator and organiser, currently with the Festival Klangmanifeste.

Franz Tišek is a Vienna-based artist, founder (with Markus Hiesleitner) and operator of the artist-run space Kulturdrogerie, which in 2020 celebrates its 15th anniversary of existence. He obtained his diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Heimo Zobernig. In addition to collaborative work, he also realizes individual projects.

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